Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Opps...has it really been that long?!?!?

So I think I just forgot for a while that I have a blog!! It's not that I haven't had time over the last really is that I've just been forgetting to blog!

I've even been doing blog-worthy things!!

To give everyone a little recap, I started by graduate assistanceship (GA) at St Johns and have officially left my job. My GA has been a little disapppointing though. I have been assigned to 3 professors, which initially sounds great, right!?!? Well the reason I was assigned to 3 is because none of them really need me. One of them has given me 2 VERY easy things to do so far.
So I'm sad that it hasn't turned into something more useful, although it has given me lots of time to study and will still look good for graduate school.

This last weekend I spent upstate with Rach because Isaac has been sick and just wanted to help Rach out with the kids.
I am actaully attaching a few pics I took while I was up there too! I figure I gotta do somethings special since It's been wayyy to long since I've been to blogville!!

This is a picture of lovely Howie sitting on top of the couch. No one really loves Howie anymore so I plan to "adopt" him once I live where I can have a dog!

This is a picture of me babysitting Sophie. This is when she refused to put her pants back on after being changed and locking me out of the living room!

This is how I babysit...just kidding ;)

Here's the little man!

Opps I almost forgot Huey!!

Sadly I don't have any of me, Rach, or Jas!

In about two weeks I will though cuz I'm headin' back upstate for the little man's b-day!!

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Daisy Path said...

SARAH!!!! i haven't been here in a long time. i'm sorry! it was good to catch up with you on your blog. i have to tell you that your blog about confrontation hits home. i am EXACTLY the same drives kevin NUTSO! it's bad. not quite sure how to change it. i miss you so much! i hope you are well. i think about you alot, but am horrible at keeping in touch. i'm so sorry! i haven't even seen allison in FOREVER and she's only like 30 min. away! you take care of yourself.